May Is the Best Time To See Pasque Flowers in the Black Hills

There are a lot of good reasons to visit the Black Hills in May. The crowds at popular sites like Deadwood's Main Street and Mount Rushmore are practically nonexistent, for one. Some of your travel costs - lodging and rental car fees especially - will be cheaper. You'll also be able to experience things you won't see any other time of the year - like the pasque flower bloom. 

Pasques are a type of crocus native to central North America, and it's the state flower of South Dakota. The furry purple blooms pop out of the ground after most of the snow has melted and the weather starts to warm up. If it's been a short winter, these guys can start coming out as early as March, but April and May are more likely. 

Dustin, the 1899 Inn's Master of the House, walked up to Mount Moriah Cemetery above the bed-and-breakfast and shot a quick video to show you some of the flowers. 

If you're visiting in the spring, be sure to ask us where you can see them. If you know where to look, the flowers can carpet the hillsides. It's a beautiful thing to see, and it usually only lasts two or three weeks!