Our guests stay at the 1899 Inn because it's a unique accommodation experience that's different from a typical chain hotel. We're also secluded from the noises and lights of Deadwood's slot machines and gambling tables, but still less than a 10-minute walk from the restaurants and nightlife on Main Street.  

As one of Deadwood’s smallest and most intimate places to stay, the 1899 Inn has a set of amenities that can differ from traditional hotels. 

Gas fireplace. The large fireplace on the first floor was originally built to burn anthracite coal, a common household heating fuel in the late 19th century. In early 2015, the innkeepers converted the fireplace to use a natural gas insert. A fire burns there most mornings and evenings in the fall, winter and spring, and occasionally on chilly summer nights. 

Wireless internet. We have wireless internet access available for guest use throughout the house; simply ask the innkeepers for the latest password.

Toiletries. Each guest bathroom has a selection of soaps, lotions, shaving accessories, and other toiletries. 

Antique furnishings and decor. Every room is different, but each contains some special pieces of local history: furniture brought to Deadwood by covered wagon, vintage musical instruments, antique books, original Victorian lighting, and more. 

Internet-connected cable HDTVs. All guest rooms are furnished with internet-connected HDTVs linked to a common Netflix account. Other apps (including Amazon Instant Video and Vudu) are also available, but will require guests to supply their own credentials. Otherwise, TVs are connected to basic cable programming. Guests are welcome to use the large-screen TV in the downstairs parlor. 


Cat companionship. While the inn’s three cats aren’t typically allowed in the guest rooms, they are available for bedtime cuddling upon request. 

Central air conditioning. Deadwood’s mountain climate is typically cool in the summer – particularly at night – but daytime highs can hit 100F/38C a couple of times each year. For more than 110 years, the house relied only on its architecture to keep rooms cool: features like large windows, interior transoms, covered porches and a stone foundation helped to regulate the home’s climate. The innkeepers added central air in 2012. While guest rooms on the first and second floors don’t have their own climate control, each level is on its own system and thermostats can be controlled independently. Thanks to a partnership with Airbnb, the 1899 Inn uses internet-connected Nest learning thermostats on the main and second floors. The guest rooms on the attic level have independent climate control. 

Endless hot water. The house is served by a tankless hot water system, so guests won’t ever run out of hot water for showers and baths. 

Guest refrigerator. The Old Library, Music Room and Attic Suite each have small in-room refrigerators. Our guests are also welcome to use the small refrigerator at the beverage area in the dining room on the first floor. 

Twenty-four-hour hot beverages. The dining room has a small beverage area with coffee and teas available at all hours. A fast-boil electric kettle heats water in just a few minutes, and a selection of teas and Starbucks VIA instant coffee is on offer. You'll also find mugs, travel cups, sugars, and sugar-free sweeteners, and half-and-half is in the small refrigerator in the cabinet. 

Electric vehicle charging. The 1899 Inn is currently the only accommodation in Deadwood with electric vehicle charging available free to guests. EV owners can park in an off-street spot adjacent to the house for charging. At present, the inn has just a single Stage One J1772 connector available at 110 volts up to 12 amps. To date, we've successfully hosted Tesla and Chevy Volt owners on trips through the Black Hills. 

Additional languages. Innkeepers Dustin and Laura both have about six years of experience using American Sign Language. They're both a little rusty, but they're able to chat with deaf and hard-of-hearing guests who use ASL. They both also have some experience with French: Laura studied French in college and spent several months living in Besançon. Conversational skills are a bit out-of-practice, but we're happy to work with Francophone guests. 


The 1899 is a very small bed-and-breakfast, and there are a few traditional hotel amenities that you won’t find at the inn. 

Guest telephones. Given that Deadwood had telephone technology early on (a year before the White House, the story goes), the house was almost certainly built with a hard-wired phone. However, there are no longer any hardline telephones at the inn. Guests are welcome to reach the innkeepers by texting or calling 605-431-0973 or 605-920-1053. The main line at 264-210-1899 forwards directly to the innkeepers. 

In-room desks. Most guest bedrooms don’t include a writing desk. However, there are a number of comfy places to curl up with a laptop or journal in the common spaces, including the two first-floor parlors, the dining room, and the second-floor library. 

Closets. Homes in the 19th century weren’t built with bedroom storage in mind, and the 1899 Inn isn’t an exception. Some guest rooms have small closets suitable for hanging a few items, but most rooms don’t. Be sure to check our room descriptions for more information.