What's a Restoration in Progress?

If you've read through the site a bit, you'll notice that we tend to use the phrase "restoration in progress" when we talk about the inn. What exactly does that mean, anyway? 

Sometimes it means we've got major projects underway. At the moment (that's September 2015, for readers who might stumble upon this article in the distant future), we're deep into a major renovation on the third floor. Work crews are banging around during the day, but they keep their work limited to between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, when most of our guests aren't around to notice. They manage to track a fair amount of sawdust down to the entryway, but we keep on top of it with a regular evening floor sweeping. Guests in the third floor music room are the closest to the action, and they'll notice the newly-framed walls and patches of bare floor on the third-floor landing, but the Music Room itself isn't under direct work. (Although we did sneak in a few room upgrades in between guests earlier this summer, including a new climate system, new wall sconces, cable TV access, and a new base for the walk-in shower, and we plan to add some new shelving and trim later this fall.) Aside from some unpainted trim, guests in the Music Room shouldn't notice anything terribly amiss. 

Sometimes we've got lighter renovation projects on the docket. The Old Library bathroom, for instance, is due for a refresh in October, as soon as guest traffic slows down a bit. Until then, guests will notice some spots that need new trim, a fresh coat of paint, and hardware that's pretty outdated. The upgrades won't take long, but guests in the Old Library in October or November could spot some differences in trim if we're mid-project. 

Even without renovation projects, the house still needs plenty of work. There's some trim missing from the main staircase. Plaster is cracked and needs to be repaired in the vestibule, the Old Library water closet, and on the stairway to the third floor. Glass shades are missing from the chandeliers on the main level (though our friends at Mind Blown Studio are crafting us new ones). The air conditioning system is getting upgraded, but until then it has a little trouble getting the house cooler than 73 degrees on really hot days. 

We do our best to be super upfront with guests about all our projects before they book. We're no Cabernet House (not yet, anyway), and while we're proud of the house,  we don't want to oversell the place. It's an amazing historic home, but it's got some grit. Fortunately, most of our guests love historic homes and book a stay with us because they like a little historic character.

If you've got any questions about the kinds of projects going on during your stay, please ask! We'll be happy to give you the complete scoop. Just don't ask too interested - if we think you've got some experience with historic preservation projects, we're liable to ask you if you'll join the work crew.