It's a Good Thing They're Cute

Having cats at the 1899 Inn comes with its share of challenges. Take the hair, for example. Kepler, Luna, and Minou are subject to regular brushings, and the hardwood floors in the house help to keep dust bunnies (or dust kitties, perhaps?) to a minimum. They're also generally not allowed in the guest rooms, though we make exceptions for cat lovers who request an overnight cuddle buddy. 

But with great furriness comes great responsibility. The wood floors are swept with hair-trapping Swiffers every day. Blankets are washed extra frequently. Pillows are de-haired with sticky rollers. Sofas are vacuumed once a week. And still the occasional cat hair tumbleweed drifts by, caught up by a breeze that only seems to blow after all the cleaning is finished. 

And just when you begin to wonder if all the extra cleaning work is worth it, you catch one of them in a pose like this.