Birthday: Probably summer or fall of 2011

Identifying Marks: Chubby. Medium-haired. Wild eyes. Dashes around the house.

Personality. When it comes to meeting new people, Luna is nervous, tense, and scatter-brained. It usually takes her two or three days to warm up to a new human, at which point she’ll start sharing the same room with them. If she decides to really like someone, she’s apt to jump into a lap, or (more frequently) flop over on a person’s feet and stretch her paws into the air. She loves to have her head and belly scratched. Luna is pretty playful, and a cuddle session is likely to end with a few friendly chomps on the hand. She’s also pretty good at entertaining herself: when she thinks no one’s around, she’ll trill and meow at toys as she chases them around. She generally only lets the innkeepers pick her up.

Story: If Luna looks a bit like the wild-eyed castaway that’s just been rescued from years alone on a desert island, it’s for a reason. The innkeeper’s mother spotted a tiny black cat hunting for bugs around the rocks in her rural mountain neighborhood in the late fall of 2012. After determining that nearby neighbors hadn’t lost a cat, she lured the kitten into the garage just before the first arctic weather of the winter pushed into the Black Hills. The hairy kitten seemed almost feral at first, but she ate voraciously and warmed up to people within a day or two. The Floyds agreed to adopt her and brought her to the inn. She quickly settled in, and while she wanted to become Minou’s immediate playtime buddy, Minou never did get comfortable with the idea. Luna’s first trip to the vet revealed that she wasn’t a kitten after all: she was malnourished, but probably already a year or two old. She’d likely been around humans as a kitten, but she’d been abandoned and survived outside in the forest on her own for most of her life. This led Laura to dub her Spazzbat McFlufferton, Survivor of the Wild. That name seemed a bit unwieldy, though, so the Floyds settled on Luna – a reference both to her erratic behavior and her tendency to follow the innkeepers around wherever they are in the house.

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