Birthday: 2013… maybe.

Identifying Marks: Slim. Short-haired. Dark orange eyes. Insists on cuddling.

Personality: Kepler’s mission in life is to love everyone. He’ll rub against ankles, hop onto laps, and grab onto hands that aren’t (in his view) petting him enough. He loves to be picked up and cuddled. Adventuresome and curious, he’ll dig into new bags and boxes, leap onto beds, and dive through open doors. He loves to prowl outside, but the Floyds keep his outings supervised since he no longer has front claws. More energetic than the other cats, he’ll have bursts of playfulness and race through the hallways, calling a trilled “proooouuu?” sound as he darts past. He loves adult humans and other cats, but seems a little nervous around children and other animals.  

Story: Kepler came to the 1899 Inn by way of the West River Spay Neuter Coalition, a local animal welfare group. He’d been trapped by someone who thought he was feral. After keeping him outside for a couple of weeks in a kennel, Kepler’s caretaker brought him to the coalition to make sure he was neutered. During surgery, the coalition discovered his missing front claws and friendly disposition, which meant he’d been a domestic cat that had been abandoned. Though the coalition offered to find Kepler a new home, the caretaker took the cat back, where he was again put in the outdoor kennel in winter temperatures. About ten days after surgery, the coalition noticed that the caretaker was offering Kepler “free to a good home,” and they quickly swooped in and placed him with a foster family. The Floyds responded to the coalition’s adoption call, and after a brief trial run, Kepler became an official resident of the inn in the spring of 2015.

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